Step by Step: Read Me.

IF you have lost your pet,

You  may not be thinking clearly.

Maybe you don’t know where to start or what your options are. Let me help.



(If Your Pet Is Microchipped…Call the company and report them as missing!)

Make Posters. Like, immediately. It is extremely important to do this RIGHT away. It is a sad reality, but these days people have been getting their pets stolen right out of their front yards. The sooner you can get posters up, the better. This gives people the chance to keep an eye out for your pet.

How do you make an effective poster? Well let me tell you! (Be sure to research your areas restrictions on posting flyers to avoid fines or having them removed)

  • Be straight to the point (Lost Black Cat, White Patch On Face, Call —-) Leave out the small details that would clutter up a poster.
  • Make it colorful and eye catching!
  • Location, location, location! Community bulletin boards (dog parks, grocery stores etc) surrounding streets, stop signs, places with high foot/car traffic.


Start with something basic just to get your pets face out there, then, when you have more time, go back and mount the flyer to colorful poster board to bring attention to it. Make sure to put your flyer in a plastic sleeve to protect it from the rain. (Slip the poster in from the bottom, so that the open part is at the bottom, not the top, or rain will go right in. Staple it closed.)


Stake Out Your House. Buy a wooden stake and some kind of sturdy material (Like those Political signs you always see stuck all over the place…)

Put your pets photo on it, the date missing, and your phone number.

Think about it like this, when someone finds a missing dog, they will usually walk the animal around the area to see if anyone recognizes it. What could be more convenient than having your lost pet advertised in your yard?



Put your posters all over town! Make sure they stand out!


Don’t be embarrassed and question yourself while you’re doing all this. It is not “too much”. You want your pet back, who cares what anyone else thinks.

Step Two:

Check the Humane Society and the Local Shelters.

Check them again.

In fact, check them every two or three days, if possible.


Call all of the vets in your area to see if anyone has taken your pet there. If they have not, ask to leave a description of your pet with them so that they can contact you if someone DOES bring in your baby.

Fill out Lost Pet forms at the Shelters.

Step Three:

Get Online!

The internet is a GREAT resource for finding your lost pet…BUT, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

Start with Facebook. Post your pet to your personal Facebook and ask friends to keep an eye out. From there, post to any Groups or Pages that post Lost&Found pets for your area. Here are just a few: Snohomish County Lost Pets Lewis County Lost And Found Kitsap Lost And Found Gig Harbor and Surrounding Areas Lost and Found Pets Camano/Stanwood Lost And Found

Search for Groups and Pages in your area that are meant for L&F Pets. Post Post Post.

WEBSITES! Post your Lost Pet on these sites, and be sure to check under the Found Section!


Step Four:

Check To See If Your Pet Is Being Sold.

People are sick. They steal pets and try to sell them. Be AWARE of this and be on the lookout!!!

Check Here To See If Someone Is Selling Your Pet:

Step Five:

Be Persistent. Keep checking, keep renewing posts, keep refreshing signs.

Be sure to record any Sightings or calls you receive about your pet. Write it all down, you might need to refer back to it later. Don’t lose hope.

Don’t give up.



Additional Information:

Did you know your pet could be tracked? That’s right!  Jim Branson is pretty much the greatest guy ever. His dogs can track the scent of your missing pet, and you can even rent Humane Traps from him! (Which is how I caught the stray dog I spent 2 weeks trying to catch!)

Here is his website:

3 retrievers


Also be sure to check out for amazing tips and resources on finding your beloved pet!

6 thoughts on “Step by Step: Read Me.

  1. Thanks to your website and so many shares the missing Bassett from puyallup is on her way home after one night gone. Thank you so much.

  2. I posted a suggestion on the FB page of Pierce County..Free, Wanted or For Sale in an ad for a Rehoming of a found pet that they at least check this page to see if the cat had actually been stolen and then tossed. The person posting up very hostile towards my suggestion and that makes me question their motives. You may want to go take a look at the ad and see if you recognize the tuxedo cat from any of your postings.

  3. Ashley, actually there is an American Flag flying above it. I banned you because you were starting a debate on a post that is meant to help people keep their pets safe at home. I’ll unblock you, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could refrain from posting something that will start a debate. Thank you for all you do for the furrbabies.

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