FOUND Dog – Spokane Valley, Wa

☆IF this is your pet, please contact the Finder with PROOF of ownership!☆


  • Date Found:
    Wednesday, November 16, 2016
  • Where Was This Pet Found?:
  • Zipcode Found:
  • Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered?:
    • Unsure
  • Does This Pet Have a Microchip?
    • No
  • Contact Phone Number:
    • Text
  • Contact Email Address:

6 thoughts on “FOUND Dog – Spokane Valley, Wa

  1. THIS IS MY DOG!!! This is Jamie. We lost him early on November 16. He is a wanderer. There is NO DOUBT this is him. He has an unmistakeable bend in the bone of his his cut off tail. He was a rescue and we figure it had been a tramatic (door) amputation. He has a chip. Put in very recently by our Vet.

    Please call me Mike 509 590-5584 509 290-6008

  2. Amanda Preston, I attempted to contact you via email, but the email bounced back – Yahoo says you don’t have an account.. 😦 Please call (509) 590-5584 so we can make arrangements to pick up our dog. Thanks!

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