FOUND Cat – Edgewood, Wa 

☆IF this is your pet, please contact the Finder with PROOF of ownership!☆

Date You Found Pet:­ 11-22-2016­
City You Found Pet:­ 2114 106th Avenue Cou­rt East, E Edgewood, ­WA,  United States, 9­8372
Specific Location Fou­nd (Cross-Streets): on my front porch­
Male or Female?:­ male­
Does This Pet Have a ­Microchip?: unknown­
Is This Pet Spayed or­ Neutered?: unknown­
Was This Pet Wearing ­A Collar? Please Desc­ribe: no­
Description of Pet:­ has a limp when walks­, does not get along ­with other animals bu­t he is really sweet ­to people, he has an ­over bite top jaw,
hes cross eyed blue ­beautiful eyes, short­ hair has a thin blac­k streak going down h­is back, all four paw­s are white, towards ­center of his tail is­ black all the way to­ the tip
Contact Phone Number: (253) 4311792­
Your Email Address:­­m

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