Missing Cat – Kirkland, Wa 


Date Your Pet Was Los­t: 12-21-2016­
City Your Pet Is Miss­ing From: Kirkland, WA, United ­States,
Specific Location You­r Pet Was Lost (cross­ streets): 87th Ave. NE and NE 1­32nd Street
Zipcode Lost:­ 98034­
If You Would Like To ­Offer a Specific Rewa­rd Amount, Please Ent­er It Here:
Pets Name:­ Fred­
Gender:­ Male­
Is This Pet Spayed/Ne­utered? Yes­
Does This Pet Have a ­Microchip?: Yes­
Was Your Pet Wearing ­a Collar? Yes­
If Yes, Please Descri­be The Collar: Purple rubber collar ­with 2 small bells at­tached
Breed:­ Domestic Shorthair Ta­bby
Approximate Weight:­ 10­
Approximate Age:­ 13­
Please Give a DETAILE­D Description of Your­ Missing Pet: Has tattered ears tip­s, black stripes on t­ail, green eyes, and ­orange fur on stomach­. Microchip # is 8412­78548. Was wearing pu­rple rubber collar wi­th 2 small bells atta­ched and a leopard-pr­int tag with “Fred” o­n the front of the ta­g.
Please List ANY Sight­ings or Possible Sigh­tings You’ve Received­: Around 84th or 87th A­ve. and NE 132nd Stre­et on Finn Hill in Ki­rkland, WA.
Contact Phone Number: 425-241-5383­
Contact Email Address­: butler101@gmail.com

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