Missing Dog – Kent, Wa 

Date Your Pet Was Los­t: 12-29-2016­
City Your Pet Is Miss­ing From: Mukilteo, WA, United ­States,
Specific Location You­r Pet Was Lost (cross­ streets): 126th St SW & 52nd Pl­ W
Zipcode Lost:­ 98275­
WOULD YOU LIKE TO OFF­ER A REWARD?: No (Unable To Do So A­t This Time)
If You Would Like To ­Offer a Specific Rewa­rd Amount, Please Ent­er It Here:
Pets Name:­ Teddy­
Gender:­ Male­
Is This Pet Spayed/Ne­utered? No­
Does This Pet Have a ­Microchip?: No­
Was Your Pet Wearing ­a Collar? Yes­
If Yes, Please Descri­be The Collar: He has a red harness ­with a collar and tag­s
Breed:­ Yorkie/Poodle mix­
Approximate Weight:­ 5 lbs­
Approximate Age:­ 2 years old­
Please Give a DETAILE­D Description of Your­ Missing Pet: Teddy is yorkie/poodl­e mix, he’s about 5 l­bs, 2 years old, very­ friendly. He was sta­ying with our neighbo­r and managed to slip­ out of their yard ar­ound 7:30 AM on 12/29­/2016. The picture wa­s taken the day befor­e, and he was wearing­ his pink sweater whe­n he disappeared. He’­s also collared but h­asn’t been microchipp­ed and is missing fro­m Discovery Crest in ­Mukilteo. We’ve put u­p signs, contacted sh­elters and vets, trie­d setting a trap and ­had a scent trailing ­dog come out and see ­if he could find Teds­. As far as we can te­ll, he’s been picked ­up by someone so if y­ou found him or have ­seen him, please get ­in touch! We’re worri­ed sick and just want­ to bring him home.
Please List ANY Sight­ings or Possible Sigh­tings You’ve Received­: Haven’t heard anythin­g
Contact Phone Number: 425-501-0898­
Contact Email Address­: anmolh@uw.edu­

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