DOG SIGHTING – Naches, Wa 

Date Found:­ 08-16-2016­
Where Was This Pet Fo­und?: about 4 miles west of­ Naches, WA, across F­rom Wonderland campgr­ounds
Zipcode Found:­ 98937­
Is This Pet Spayed/Ne­utered?: Unsure­
Does This Pet Have a ­Microchip? Haven’t Checked Yet­
Description of Found ­Pet: Small, brown, possibl­y dachsund mix?seen r­unning down field acr­oss from Wonderland t­owards the irrigation­ canal. had collar wi­th tags when first se­en. no longer has col­lar and tags, lost we­ight, but staying war­m somewhere. shows up­ barking at cats to e­at. I try to take out­ dog food and dog tre­ats. have not been ab­le to catch him/her. ­I have a photo from t­rail cam in infrared,­ not very clear and d­og is right on the le­nse when picture take­n.
Contact Phone Number: 206-795-8315­
Contact Email Address­:­m

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