Missing Dog – Mount Vernon, Wa


  • Date Your Pet Was Lost:
    Thursday, January 19, 2017
  • Address Your Pet Was Last Seen:
    Street Address : 22400 block of Shady Lane
    City : Mount Vernon
    State / Province : WA
    Postal / Zip Code : 98274
    Country : United States

    Missing Pets Name:
  • Sophie
  • Gender:
  • Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered?:
    • Yes
  • Is This Pet Microchipped?:
    • Yes
  • Breed:
    Alaskan Husky
  • Color(s):
    Black, brown, grey, white
  • Age:
    approx 4 years
  • Pets Description (Please make note of any collar or harness your pet was wearing):
    Sophie is a beautiful Alaskan Husky with her full winter coat. She was wearing a reflective blue collar with dog bones on it, and had a tag with her name, my name, and my phone number.
  • Your Phone Number:
    (206) 2456424
  • Your E-mail Address:

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