Missing Cat – Aberdeen, Wa


Date Your Pet Was Lost: 01-11-2017
City Your Pet Is Missing From: Aberdeen, WA, United States,
Specific Location Your Pet Was Lost (cross streets): 95 Ocosta Third Street
Zipcode Lost: 98520
WOULD YOU LIKE TO OFFER A REWARD?: No (Unable To Do So At This Time)
If You Would Like To Offer a Specific Reward Amount, Please Enter It Here:
Pets Name: Sissy
Gender: Female
Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Does This Pet Have a Microchip?: No
Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar? No
If applicable, please describe the collar:
Breed: Polydactyl Snowshoe
Approximate Weight: 7+pounds trim body
Approximate Age: 31/2-4yrs (looks younger)
Please Give a DETAILED Description of Your Missing Pet: Very Distinctive- head/most back is brown/blk main coon stripes. low face/chest/legs white. She looks like she has a mustache, long arms, has copper brown ring where a belly button would be. Her front paws are larger than traditional polydactyls like big mittens. She was Feral & raised by me since 1 1/2 weeks shes friendly & loving. May be stand offish due to being lost.
Please List ANY Sightings or Possible Sightings You’ve Received: My mom died 12/26 & I had Sissy with her. I, Jennifer was forced to leave by brother Frank Matthews (Westport) 12/31. He promised she’d be cared for until I picked her up in 2wks. I have several times pleaded for info from him & he wont say a word (fnmatthews@hotmail.com)
Contact Phone Number: 206-599-9308
Contact Email Address: nishamunn91@gmail.com

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