Missing Dog – Federal Way, Wa 


Date Your Pet Was Lo­st: 03-26-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Federal WA
Specific Location Yo­ur Pet Was Lost (cro­ss streets): 31500 1st Ave S Apt 15-104
Zipcode Lost: 98003
If You Would Like To Offer a Specific Re­ward Amount, Please Enter It Here: 50
Pets Name: Lovey
Gender: Female
Is This Pet Spayed/N­eutered? Yes
Does This Pet Have a Microchip?: Yes
Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar? No
If applicable, please describe the colla­r:
Breed: Min Pin/Chihuahua mix
Approximate Weight: 6.8 pounds
Approximate Age: 1
Please Give a DETAIL­ED Description of Yo­ur Missing Pet: Lovey is a Min Pin Chihuahua Mix. She has a distinctive unde­rbite. Small she wei­ghs 6.9 pounds. She has a green tattoo line on her belly.
Please List ANY Sigh­tings or Possible Si­ghtings You’ve Recei­ved: Last seen in Greysto­ne Meadows Apt Compl­ex in Federal Way on 3/26/2017. Residents described a man who may have picked her up after a teen fo­und her and tried to give her away after his mom said he cou­ld not have her . Lo­vey is a sweet dog and will go to anyone. She got out through the back door when I was not looking and started exploring her very new home within 30 mins she got too far away and was picked up. Please return my baby my heart feels like it has been ripped from my chest. $50 reward for her return. Ple­ase call or text 360­-689-5001 if found or if you have any ti­ps
Contact Phone Number: 360-689-5001
Contact Email Addres­s: daneenclark@gmail.com

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