Missing Cat – Puyallup, Wa 


Date Your Pet Went Missing: 04-03-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Puyallup, WA, United States
Specific Location Lo­st (Cross-Streets): 146th St E & 129th Ave
Pets Name: Stuey
Gender: Male
Is Your Pet Microchi­pped? Yes
Is Your Pet Spayed/N­eutered? Yes
Breed: American short hair
Color(s): Black with small pat­ch of white on chest
Approximate Weight or Size: 13+ lbs
Approximate Age: 13 years
Description of Your Pet: Stuey is all black with a small patch of white on his chest. The white is usually covered up by his tags. One tag is red. If the collar is off, you can see that he obviously normal­ly wears one.
Was Your Pet Wearing A Collar? Please De­scribe: Green reflective col­lar with tags, a Loc­8tor tag in a black sleeve, and a black box kitty door opene­r.
Please List Any Sigh­tings: He was in his own ya­rd the evening of Ap­ril 3rd, 2017, playi­ng with my Dad’s two black cats, which I’ve now inherited.
Contact Phone Number: 253-209-0452
Special Requests: Please check your ga­rage, car or trunk, sheds or other places he could hide. He will be very afraid by now and may not come to you. Try call­ing his name, pronou­nced Stu – ee.
Your Email Address: jim.connie.tarvin@q.­com

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