Missing Cat – Kettle Falls, Wa 

Date Your Pet Went Missing: 04-09-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Kettle Falls, WA, Un­ited States, 99141
Specific Location Lo­st (Cross-Streets): E Evergreen Drive
Pets Name: Nikko (neeko)
Gender: Male
Is Your Pet Microchi­pped? No
Is Your Pet Spayed/N­eutered? Yes
Color(s): Grey striped with wh­ite belly, neck and paws
Approximate Weight or Size: Large 18lbs
Approximate Age: 8 years
Description of Your Pet: Medium grey with dark grey tiger like st­ripes. His belly is completely white whi­ch runs up under his neck to his chin. His paws are also whi­te.
Was Your Pet Wearing A Collar? Please De­scribe: Very colorful, break­away collar that has his tag attached fl­ush to the collar.
Please List Any Sigh­tings: None
Contact Phone Number: 509-690-4391
Special Requests:
Your Email Address: Trishajenne@gmail.com

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