FOUND Dog – Tacoma, Wa 

☆IF this is your pet, please contact the Finder with PROOF of ownership!☆

Date You Found Pet: 04-30-2017
City You Found Pet: Tacoma, WA, United States
Specific Location Fo­und (Cross-Streets): 4467 E R St.
Male or Female?: Male
Does This Pet Have a Microchip?: I don’t know
Is This Pet Spayed or Neutered?: No
Was This Pet Wearing A Collar? Please De­scribe: Yes, no tag. Faint writing on front of collar
Description of Pet: I’ve found a small tan male dog, possibly a beagle but can’t say for sure. He had a collar on but no tag, there was some kind of writing on the collar but I cou­ldn’t read it.
Contact Phone Number: (253) 330-3045
Your Email Address: fisagaarianaa@gmail.­com

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