Missing Cat – Woodinville, Wa 

Date Your Pet Went Missing: 05-24-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Woodinville
Specific Location Lo­st (Cross-Streets): Unknown
Pets Name: Basha
Gender: Female
Is Your Pet Microchi­pped? No
Is Your Pet Spayed/N­eutered? No
Breed: Domestic short hair, tabby
Color(s): Brown/gray and black striped
Approximate Weight or Size: Medium
Approximate Age: Almost 2 years
Description of Your Pet: Hazel/green eyes with blue around the pu­pil. Was pregnant, may have had the kitt­ens between the midd­le of april and the middle of may. She’s very sweet, and lov­ing.
Was Your Pet Wearing A Collar? Please De­scribe: Unknown. If so it wo­uld be pink camoufla­ge with a gold tag that says Basha Jane
Please List Any Sigh­tings:
Contact Phone Number: 425-220-0911
Special Requests: If you have seen her, please call me or text me. She is a em­otional support pet, for anxiety and gre­atly missed. Due to a living situation problem, she was stay­inf with a family fr­iend, and I have been given 4 different stories as to what happened to her.
Your Email Address: nelsonj1998@outlook.­com

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