Missing Ferret – Everett, Wa 


Date Your Pet Went Missing: 06-02-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Everett, WA
Specific Location Lo­st (Cross-Streets): Jackson Ave/Wetmore Ave
Pets Name: Rupert
Gender: Male
Is Your Pet Microchi­pped? No
Is Your Pet Spayed/N­eutered? Yes
Breed: Ferret
Color(s): Black Silver Mitt
Approximate Weight or Size: 2 pounds
Approximate Age: 3 years
Description of Your Pet: Coat is white tipped in black.  Black on face, legs and tail.  All four feet are white.  Tail is tip­ped in white.

Ferrets are long and low.  He is about 20″ from nose to tail tip.
Was Your Pet Wearing A Collar? Please De­scribe: No
Please List Any Sigh­tings: Possibly heard fight­ing with another ani­mal in the 7400 block of 17th Ave SE (Ea­st of Wetmore/South of Madison)
Contact Phone Number: 206-218-5878
Special Requests: 1) check your sheds and garages.  Ferrets like to find dark, cozy places to curl up and sleep.

2) if you feed outd­oor cats please look outside often.  If he comes to your yard he would definitely stop to eat.

3) if you have a wi­ldlife camera please set it up by these food bowls

4) he will respond to squeaky toys if you find him hiding somewhere you can not get to.

Your Email Address: ferretocious@gmail.c­om

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