Missing Dog – Randle, Wa 

Date Your Pet Was Lo­st: 06-09-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Randle, WA, United States, 98377
Specific Location Yo­ur Pet Was Lost (cro­ss streets): Silverbrook
Zipcode Lost: 98377
No (Unable To Do So At This Time)
If You Would Like To Offer a Specific Re­ward Amount, Please Enter It Here:
Pets Name: Dodger
Gender: Male
Is This Pet Spayed/N­eutered? Yes
Does This Pet Have a Microchip?: Unsure
Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar? No
If applicable, please describe the colla­r:
Breed: Mastiff Anatolian sh­epherd mix
Approximate Weight: 100
Approximate Age: 10 years
Please Give a DETAIL­ED Description of Yo­ur Missing Pet: Dodger has been miss­ing since the early morning Of June 9th he  is a large dog, but he is very frien­dly, and loving he’s a light golden color with white paws, and brown ears.We are very concerned about his wellbeing.He is well loved and mea­ns a lot to his fami­ly.Please call ASAP if you know of his whereabouts!
Please List ANY Sigh­tings or Possible Si­ghtings You’ve Recei­ved:
Contact Phone Number: 253-495-6810
Contact Email Addres­s: kadtce@gmail.com

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