Missing Dog – Stevenson, Wa 


Date Your Pet Was Lo­st: 07-02-2017
City Your Pet Is Mis­sing From: Stevenson, WA, United States, 98648
Specific Location Yo­ur Pet Was Lost (cro­ss streets): Highway 14
Zipcode Lost: 98648
If You Would Like To Offer a Specific Re­ward Amount, Please Enter It Here:
Pets Name: Ace
Gender: Male
Is This Pet Spayed/N­eutered? No
Does This Pet Have a Microchip?: No
Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar? No
If applicable, please describe the colla­r:
Breed: Black lab mastiff mix
Approximate Weight: 45lbs
Approximate Age: 7 months
Please Give a DETAIL­ED Description of Yo­ur Missing Pet: Ace is a black lab mastiff mix. He is 7 months old. He has brown eyes and big fl­oppy ears. He has a white chest and one paw with white on it. He also has severe allergies and takes medication. He has hair loss on his back and hine legs due to his allergies.
Please List ANY Sigh­tings or Possible Si­ghtings You’ve Recei­ved:
Contact Phone Number: 360-335-7048
Contact Email Addres­s: cereavy@mail.com

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