FOUND Dog – Tukwila, Wa

✮Do You Recognize Me? Please Contact The Finder With PROOF Of Ownership If I Am Your Missing Pet!✮kj.jpg

  • Date Found:
    Saturday, July 15, 2017
  • Where Was This Pet Found?:
    Tukwila, WA, United States
  • Zipcode Found:
  • Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered?:
    • Unsure
  • Does This Pet Have a Microchip?
    • No
  • Description of Found Pet:
    small female dog very friendly was wandering around Tukwila community center with no collar. She looks very well feed and cared for. She is brown and white. About to see if there is a microchip now but she doesn’t have one so the search for her family continues. If you are the mommy or daddy or know where her home is please
    call or text (206)458-4359
  • Contact Phone Number:
    • Text
    • Call
  • Contact Email Address:

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