Missing Cat – Lynnwood, Wa


  • Date Your Pet Was Lost:
    Friday, December 15, 2017
  • City Your Pet Is Missing From:
  • Specific Location Your Pet Was Lost (cross streets):
    188th St Sw and 52nd Ave W
  • Zipcode Lost:
  • Pets Name:
  • Gender:
    • Female
  • Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered?
    • Yes
  • Does This Pet Have a Microchip?:
    • Yes
  • Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar?
    • No
  • Breed:
    Ginger (red) tabby
  • Approximate Weight:
    8 pounds
  • Approximate Age:
    1 yr 7 mos
  • Please Give a DETAILED Description of Your Missing Pet:
    Missing cat.  Lynnwood.  She has a microchip, if found take her to any vet or animal shelter.  Her name is Marmalade.  She is a ginger tabby with yellow/golden eyes.  We live at 188th SW and 52nd Ave W.  We have only had her for a month and a half.  She’s small/young.  Please help if you can.  Our vet is at Perrinville animal hospital.  She likes to run and play, but if you have dry food (or something that would sound like dry food) put a bit in a container and shake it.  She may come running to you.  Please help if you can.  She’s been missing just today, possibly just a few hours.  She helped me replace my baby kitty who died in October. 206.353.5255 or 206.769.4960.  Thank you so much.
  • Please List ANY Sightings or Possible Sightings You’ve Received:
    Searched around my apt area, asked neighbors, shook a food bag.  Drove around 2 miles.
  • Contact Phone Number:
    • Text
    • Call
  • Contact Email Address:

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