Missing Dog – Kent, Wa


  • Date Your Pet Was Lost:
    Friday, October 27, 2017
  • City Your Pet Is Missing From:
  • Specific Location Your Pet Was Lost (cross streets):
    11309 SE 260th ST.        #A202
  • Zipcode Lost:
    • No (Unable To Do So At This Time)
  • Pets Name:
    Lucky.   ,     Mrs poch
  • Gender:
    • Female
  • Is This Pet Spayed/Neutered?
    • No
  • Does This Pet Have a Microchip?:
    • No
  • Was Your Pet Wearing a Collar?
    • Yes
  • If applicable, please describe the collar:
    Red collar. With a brown  with camouflage
  • Breed:
    Chachuchu mix. Red nose
  • Approximate Weight:
  • Approximate Age:
    3 year old
  • Please Give a DETAILED Description of Your Missing Pet:
    She got long white legs 2 visible white moles on the left side of he face , emotional support service animal. Very friendly her nail are done, pink little pink burretts on the top of her ears ,when she walks her but goes back and forth and tail is high in the air walks like a professional model , ( so cute ) dont like leash will only walk on the right side of u will not run away does exactly what she’s told  go nite nite will not wake up until she told , eat dinner she will turn her head completely around until u tell her your done have a seat will run to have a seat  will take her clothes off and sit them out side of her bed room door , I don’t know how she died that one she won’t let me see her and will not potty unless she can see you won’t run in the street  willow. Wait by the door within 5 minutes she was  stole only one person was around love kids people no hat and only some men
  • Please List ANY Sightings or Possible Sightings You’ve Received:
  • Contact Phone Number:
    • Call
  • Contact Email Address:

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