Wilson went missing from his new home in Bellingham, Wa on November 7, 2020
—> He grew up in Lake Stevens (Snohomish County) and also lived in Anacortes (Skagit County) before moving to Bellingham (Whatcom County)

Wilsons mom is a traveling nurse that had hired someone through a company to take her two dogs out to go potty while she was at work, but Wilson bolted out the front door.
If Wilson is no longer in Bellingham, its possible that he was picked up by a good Samaritan that has not had him checked for a microchip yet…OR he could be trying to travel back to his previous addresses.
Wilson is an 8 year old male, black tricolor Australian Shepherd. He is fixed and microchipped. Wilson has a docked tail (which means NO TAIL!) Freckles on his nose, as well as a white stripe on his face. He has white on his chest, paws and a little on the back of his neck.

PLEASE share regardless of where you live!! He could be in a different County by now!
There is a $2,000 CASH REWARD for any information leading to Wilsons safe return (no questions asked!!)

If you have any information about his whereabouts, PLEASE join his page!!
“Finding Wilson” on Facebook



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