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  1. Can I get the link for the tips you have on finding lost kitties? I keep hearing about ones in my area, but I don’t recall all the tips to pass on. Thanks 🐾

    • This post is all about missing CATS! Please read and pass this along!
      If your cat has gone missing, first things first… check your house, thoroughly!!! Cats are little tricksters… check cupboards, closets, dryers (yep, found our cat in the dryer the other day!), inside your couches, under the bed….
      If kitty is nowhere to be found inside, go outside and walk around your house. Look for any holes, broken boards, crawl spaces… anywhere under your house or porch! Kitties usually won’t be as far away as you think!
      If you have no luck under your house, start looking in and around any out-buildings! (Barns, garages, anything like that!) Still nothing? Check with your neighbors!

      Trees! Contrary to popular belief, cats CAN’T always get themselves out of trees once they’ve gone up! Check any trees in your neighborhood for your little purrbaby.
      And if you find that your cat IS stuck in a tree, consider calling @[232714622337:274:Canopy Cat Rescue and Canopy Conservation, LLC]! They’re some of the coolest guys I know and they can come out and rescue that kitty of yours!

      If you are still unable to find your cat, start putting up signs right away and asking neighbors. It never hurts to put a bowl of tuna outside or their favorite bed or toy.
      Don’t give up. Keep looking.

      In my experience, cats are most active outside between the hours of 11pm and 5am… so if you can, try going for a quick stroll with a flashlight or a drive around the neighborhood.

      Good luck, please keep checking outside, and remember…BIG NEON SIGNS work wonders!!!

  2. I came to Oregon from Nevada to be near my daughter. I brought my best friends, Charley and Spunky with me. Dogs are not allowed in my daughter’s apartment, so we went to stay in a motel. I didn’t want to leave Charley alone in the motel while I searched for a home to rent, and it was too hot to take him with me, so I accepted the offer of a woman I didn’t know to “foster” him in her home for a couple of weeks. I gave her food for over two weeks and told her I would pay all of his expenses and for her time. (She just smiled.) Then she said I could come and “visit him often”. And I told her I would pay her every time I came. I never saw him again! and from a photo a dear person took, it looks like she isn’t taking care of him, and I never will see him again. You can get by with stealing animals in Washington and Oregon if you immediately have them microchipped. LESSON: Always have your animals microchipped the first day they are old enough to have it done, AND never board your animals with anyone but a licensed facility with a good reputation!
    This will prevent you from spending a whole lot of sleepless nights and getting a krinkly face from crying your eyes out all of the time.

  3. Hi
    I live in Enumclaw and around 10:30am this morning and there was a really skinny black cat behind Four Seasons in the back where the garbage and kitchen is. I stopped to try and feed it some sausage but it ran away in the field behind the restaurant. Obviously it is probably a feral cat. Don’t know if you are able to try and catch it or not. Just wanted to share.

  4. Thank you for being so kind Amanda and Dylan 😊 Aubrey Moss has been found .
    Over 5 million page views of their site in just a few days . You do this everyday for pets & their family’s !Aubrey is a huge animal lover and pets need their people home !!
    Thanks again xx
    Louise .

  5. phoebe was found last night and is back in her foster home with Jamie. Can you please label my post as that? It’s hard to use your site because you can’t update it

  6. Missing Australian Shepard white with brown and black patches. Blue eyes named Mia. Last seen in Roy, yelm, McKenna WA. Please contact tony at 253 347 2720

  7. Please delete my post about found dog in Puyallup and/or add that the owners have been found and she is home safe.
    Thank you!

  8. I recently added my sweet baby to your site as a missing dog but I have not seen her posted yet. Her name is LOVEY. I am a wreck without her. I just wanted to make sure the info got to you ok

  9. Hello, is there anyway to remove or edit a post after it is made? I didn’t realize Email and Phone number would be posted to FB, and would like to remove it.

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