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29 thoughts on “Home

  1. I posted about a dog named loco that ran away yesterday. He has been found and we have him back.

    Thank you for posting him lost.

  2. Needing help donations for our 12 yr old family pet to have surgery on her torn acl on her leg. Her vet said approx $2500 . she is having trouble walking getting up down she only goes out to potty and back on her bed. She was 70lbs 3 wks ago now do to pain she is only eating once a day hand feeding and down to 55lbs!😥 we love her dearly and need help fast if you can help or no any other places or people please text message or call me. Thank you cheryl ruminer 253-227-7527 .

  3. I believe my dog Eva was stolen. A few eyewitnesses have seen her in the Surrey/Langley area with a woman. Also, Eva and 2 other dogs were seen being picked up on my street by a minivan with a Canadian plate. Janet Olson and her minions, I believe, are back in action. I’m sharing this with you but don’t necessarily want everyone to obtain this information from me… Also if you have ANY information regarding her or her whereabouts or if she’s reselling the pups please let me know.

  4. Hey we posted a post a few days ago about a Pomeranian/chihuahua that went missing. Good news is we found him. Bad news is the neighbor stole him and won’t give him back. The police claim they can’t do anything about it even though the dog is microchipped to her. Can you help? What can we do?

  5. I posted on july 9th thst my dog tanner wad lost. Thankfully he is back home with us. Thank you so much for posting my post.

  6. Hey, I live on whidbey island and I lost my cat chappie. He’s a cow kitty and I haven’t seen him in almost two weeks. He normally comes to me when I call him but he hasn’t been seen in weeks and I’m really worried.

  7. I have lost my cat, Sheena, she is black with pear green eyes, she was wearing a pearl collar. Missing Oct. 8th from 330 not. Cabot rd. South Everett. She is microchipped, she is an indoor cat, appx.3 and a half y/o. Please call if found or seen, I am heartbroken……206-858-3966

  8. Hello,
    I submitted a missing pet form for a dog named Nanda and don’t see it posted- will you check to see if you got it? Thanks for your help!

  9. please call me immediately my name is Kim, we work together on finding carries lab up in Enumclaw to help me find several other down here and I really need help I’m here by Cole Street and a 400 somewhere between there she’s a little teeny tiny little dog in her name is Lucy please call me 206-719-5881 immediately its 8:45 on Tuesday night thank you

  10. Very grateful for this site and the publicity it brings to lost pets!

    After 13 days, Freddie (chi mix, Ocean Park 2/25) was reunited with her family! Longer than we would have liked, but we got her back!

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