Lost Cat Tips

sinsi-kedi-2Have you lost your cat?

Surprisingly enough, cats are often much harder to locate than missing dogs. Why? Because cats are trained in the art of being silent and sneaky, like little ninjas (apparently)! But the good news is that often times, lost cats are MUCH closer to home than people would think. Which brings us to STEP NUMBER 1 in locating your missing kitty!

Check your house or apartment, THOROUGHLY!

You would be surprised with how sneaky cats can be…even if they’ve never hidden in a couch before, CHECK ANYWAYS! Cats have their own agendas and they may randomly decide that they want to live inside of the couch silently for a few days for no apparent reason other than to send you into a panic. That means, if you notice your kitty is missing, it’s time to flip the house upside down! Check under beds, in cabinets, under the sink, inside furniture, in or under blankets, on top of bookshelves…heck, even check the dryer!


No luck inside your home? Time for STEP NUMBER 2, 


Now it’s time to throw on some shoes and head outside. Take a bag of cat treats or a can of tuna with you, because try as they might, most cats have a hard time resisting their favorite treats (even when they are trying to be stubborn)!

As previously stated, many cats will not travel far. So it’s time to search the surrounding area top to bottom! Look for any loose boards, crawl spaces, or hidey holes around your property. Cats LOVE hiding under houses and decks! Check any out-buildings in the general area. Sheds, barns, storage bins… yours, and the neighbors as well! Also, be sure to talk to your neighbors in general… cats seem to get themselves closed inside neighbors garages far too often!



BRING A FLASHLIGHT! Eye glow is the quickest way to find a cat in the dark! Shine the flashlight under any buildings or crawl spaces, in between any structures or down alleys…. Kitties will likely look in your direction if they hear you coming or see a flashlight, use that to your advantage!


STEP 3 in finding your missing kitty….and this is important!


I can’t tell you how often cats end up stuck in trees! IT IS NOT TRUE that “if a cat can climb up, they can climb down” and before you think it, you don’t ever see a cat skeleton in a tree because eventually they will fall. DON’T IGNORE A CAT stuck in a tree! PLEASE! And if your kitty IS stuck in a tree and seems to be in distress, contact Canopy Cat Rescue! http://www.canopycatrescue.com/


STILL NO LUCK? Time for big neon signs! Don’t hesitate to get signs up in your area. Even if they are just quick hand written signs at first! Be sure to get page protectors for your signs to protect them from the Washington weather, or you can get crafty and tuck them in Ziploc bags! Make sure the opening to the bags or protectors are on the bottom, and staple them shut (otherwise the rain will go right into the sign!)



I have seen cats come home MONTHS after they went missing. Do not give up on your babies. And if your kitty has been seen by people but nobody can catch it, consider renting a Humane Trap from a local shelter.



You may also want to consider placing something outside of your home that smells like your kitty, be it a favorite toy, a cat bed, or even their litterbox.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Cat Tips

  1. My Stuey was lost for 5 long days and nights. I talked to neighbors and walked all over the neighborhood, putting up pictures and info in page protectors, backed with cardboard so the sign didn’t wilt in the rain. Finally, our next door neighbor said they saw a black cat like my Stuey in their garage, but he ran up a ladder to the attic. They immediately called me over; and the instant he heard my voice, he started meowing loudly. As soon as I climbed the ladder, he came to me. What I learned was that we needed some kind of tracking device on him. We found the Loc8or online. Now I know what direction to go when he wanders too far. It gives me some peace of mind. It would work on dogs too.

  2. Thank you. My mom’s cat went missing towards the end of 2012.. we were informed that she was caught in a trap, & they assumed that she was a stray and that they supposedly let her out in the country.. I doubt she could have been mistaken for a stray, since she had gained quite a bit of weight after getting fixed..

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