Baby Bear: Dog Found In Mountains

DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS DOG? We will do everything we can until we find his family! Please help.

On April 2nd 2015, I was tagged in a post about a dog up at Evans Creek that was skin and bones and unapproachable.


Evans Creek is an off-roading-vehicle park, past Carbonado, that is a gravel road that goes all the way to Mount Rainier.

Dylan and I drove up last night after we heard about him, and to our surprise, he was sitting in a little turn-off on the side of the road right where the girl said she had seen him.

We spent an hour trying to coax him to us with food but it didn’t get us very far.


We decided to go back into town to buy some hotdogs, and picked up our awesome friend Amanda on the way back up. Amanda helped us until 3am trying to get this poor pup into the truck but we had no luck. He just kept pacing up and down the road, but occasionally took a treat from my hand.


Today Dylan and I set out again, this time we were more prepared…with pockets stuffed full of Bologna!!
He was right in the same spot, and we talked to a bunch of off-roaders that said they’ve been seeing him for weeks and toss him food when they can.
We were at a loss for what to do, so we sat in our truck near him for a few hours, occasionally tossing him food and talking to/around him to get him used to us.


At some point, Dylan suggested that I try getting out of the truck again since he had taken a liking to me.

I got out and went behind the truck, and then fetalized on the gravel road right by the pup with my back to him. He growled a little bit, but eventually got close enough to smell me. I laid in the road for about 20 minutes before he lost interest and wandered off.


I got back into the truck to get warm, and we waited until he went back to a grassy spot on the side of the road to lay down. Dylan dropped me off and drove away. It was cold. So cold!!!  Cold enough that it started snowing.
Once she drove away, I got down on the ground with my back to the pup, who we have decided to call Bear (okay, Baby Bear to be exact) and slowly started crawling backwards towards where he was laying.


Once he started to get uncomfortable, I curled up in a ball and stopped moving. The next hour was spent slowly inching closer and closer to Bear.


By now, Dylan had pulled back up across the road to watch us, and was also warning cars that her insane girlfriend was laying on the side of the road and not to hit me (please!)

Finally, I got right up next to Bear.  He growled a little bit, so I started whimpering and yawning (which is a calming signal), and continued to slowly get closer and closer until I was rested up against the sweet little Baby Bear!  (At one point, he got up to try to find us shelter because he saw me as a pathetic human girl that had no survival skills, he sort of took me under his wing!)


Once we got back to cuddling, his shivering slowed down, and he even backed up against me for more warmth.
We were so close to getting him! I made sure not to try to grab him at any point because I didn’t want to lose his trust.
Then, a big truck came and scared him away from me.

We had to run home at around 7pm, and when we got back up the mountain we saw Bear laying right where I had last laid with him. Dylan dropped me off, and I went straight over to him. Slowly, of course!


He let me snuggle right up to him and pet him. I spent the next two hours petting him and talking to him, and finally got a slip lead on him.
The slip lead part got interesting, as I was so tired and it was really dark so I couldn’t see what I was doing. I ended up resting the slip lead on his snout, and accidentally put my fingers in his mouth and nose….. He wasn’t amused, but he allowed it!


This was the point in which he decided he never wanted to walk again.
From 9 pm on I had to carry him everywhere! I had to pick him up and put him in the truck and then we snuggled together until we got to the vet..
Where again, I had to carry him inside…all 57lbs of him!


We are so happy to say that Baby Bear is getting the medical attention that he desperately needed, and will be going to a rescue until we can find his family or, if they are not found after 30 days, a new forever home! 🙂


REST ASSURED we are going above and beyond in trying to locate his owners, in case he was lost on accident and his family is missing him. We are contacting all shelters and vets to make reports and are checking two years worth of Missing Dog posts!


IF YOU MAY KNOW this dog, please contact us at 253-327-5318  !


72 thoughts on “Baby Bear: Dog Found In Mountains

  1. I can’t even say how much I love this! Thank you for your heart and dedication. Hope Bear finds his family soon,one way or another ❤️

  2. had me in tears. I cannot believe what you went through to rescue poor Baby Bear. You are an amazing human being and the world is so much of a better place because of you!!!

  3. I think bear might be Your angel 🙂 I would like to hear more about his life, if he finds his previous humans, but from the looks of it he is right where he wants to be. I don’t know your beliefs in God, but I know dogs, and those pictures I saw were amazing, It was you young lady who was in need of Bear 🙂 And he waited there for you, to let him, into your heart. God has worked a miracle in your life, thank you for sharing.

  4. This is such a wonderful story, I am so happy that you did not give up, and so is baby bear, you are a blessing, and we need more like you. Thank you so much for the love you have.

  5. restores my faith in humans that there are people out there just like you, willing to go the distance, painstakingly to make the difference! THANK YOU for your love and dedication of animals. Thank you for saving this baby and keeping him safe

  6. Thank you, thank you I once recovered my lost dog in a similar though not so protracted manner. Monk came to my rescue, Silverwalk Hounds, a feral puppy. I tried him in two situations (Puppies for Parole and a foster home) to help him move on. P4P failed him big time, then he escaped from the back yard of the best foster home ever. I sent out his loss over the Internet and a former foster mom ran with it – she tweeted and shared as we did likewise. He was staying in the same area, much like Baby Bear. A girl I didn’t know called me again in on the fourth afternoon and I came out with a crate. Didn’t see him but started walking around and looked down to see dog prints going the other way. I turned around and after walking a short distance, saw Monk and he saw me. I stopped. He went under an overpass and I walked over it. He was loose in a field. I dropped down, turned my side to him, and averted my eyes. I called his name once. OK, now I’m crying again because he ran to me and threw himself into my arms. He, too, was done with walking. I carried him back to the car two to three long blocks away. Went back for the crate. He is with me forever.

  7. This is the best story. What a lucky dog and what wonderful humans to help him. He was possibly discarded and left to die but you saw his value as a living being. And best of all, you understand how to approach a fearful canine. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. This is a wonderful, heartwarming story of one dog who was rescued due to the unwavering efforts of a determined, caring woman using her wits to win his trust. It worked and it would likely work for other dog rescues. But the dog needs to be in a similar head-space to Bear in order for it to work. There are not only different dogs, personality-wise, but different circumstances that put them in their free status and different mindsets they’re in at the time. Some dogs are in an extreme fear state, some are genetically predisposed of shyness/timidity, some are in survival mode and some are weary and tired of the struggle to survive. The last category are more likely to be the most vulnerable to tolerating this kind of approach in rescuing. Unfortunately many dogs would flee at any attempt to approach, driving them further into hiding. For these cases more patience (meaning days) is required utilizing humane traps and irresistible smelly foods. Just as there are many degrees of a dog’s mindset there are many different methods of capture which best fits the situation.

    Kudos for this relentless lady’s perseverance in rescuing this sweet boy, who was obviously ready to be rescued, and to her friend and anyone else who was involved. I want every dog who finds himself out there alone and afraid to be rescued, by whatever means necessary. My sincere thank yous go out to everyone who is trying. May they all succeed.

  9. Best happy ending story ever! It sounds like he may have been dumped since he was staying in the same area right by the road. If that is the case, his owners may have been thinking that since it is such a busy recreational area he would be picked up by someone in no time. You didn’t give up even though you were cold and uncomfortable, you made a sacrifice to save this innocent — thank you!!

    • That’s a really good point. Knowing my dog, and suspecting that she was dumped by her previous humans, I can see exactly the scenario you’re imagining. My pooch is wary of new people, very territorial, very attached to her family. In an abandonment situation she would wait on or near the same spot, and not let strangers approach. I’m so grateful someone had the patience and skill required to rescue my dog from the streets, because I doubt she would have survived otherwise.

  10. Thanks a million times over for persisting in sharing your love with this dear soul. I can’t even begin to imagine the relief Baby Bear must be feeling. A million blessings on you and may BB be happy and whole once again.

    I am from WA state and it is wonderful to know BB is with loving humans.

  11. I am crying at my desk at work while reading this. Thank you for your heart and dedication to save this one animal. We can all make a difference if we just try.
    Michelle- Lover also

  12. Yes, that second to the last pic is absolutely heartbreaking! He looks so relieved and peaceful! I am so grateful to volunteers that spend countless hours recovering these lost or abandoned dogs. They deserve so much more that we will ever be able to give them! All the best to everyone involved, be proud of your accomplishment!! You all have saved a life!!

  13. Thank you for doing what you do! I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost my girl but it makes me feel better to know that someone like you might help her out if she needed it. ❤

  14. Also, if his owners aren’t found, my husband and I might be interested in introducing him to our girl and if it’s a good fit, adopting him 😀

  15. As an animal rescue advocate and companion, I am SO happy about the outcome and am interested in what happens next!
    Thank you for what you do!

  16. You did right, you did the right thing. What an amazing effort by both of you and such a demonstration of love for this dog. He was very lucky to have you cross his path.

    Make sure to send your story (this page) to KING and KIRO, etc to get this story on the news. Make sure you continue to advocate for the dog, by making people who “claim” this dog is theirs to show solid proof. Don’t assume they have his best interests at heart.

    That photo of Baby Bear with his eyes closed, safe in the truck says it all. Surviving on a back road on Mt Rainier is amazing, he’s sweet dog. I’d adopt him in a second!

  17. ♡♡Amazing story that touched my heart. I hope the ones that found him decided to keep him if no family is found. Especially after all the love and trust they now have.♡♡

  18. this is by far the best rescue story ever! To the person who didn’t give up… I applaud you!👏 After all those hours you spent laying with Baby Bear to earn his trust, there’d be no way I’d give him up, except ONLY if his owner showed up! Baby Bear is a lucky guy, having you as his savior and Angel. Please e-mail me any time you can, I’d like to keep up with Baby Bear’s journey. Thank you, Alisa Gunter, North Carolina, (919)- 727-0327.

  19. Thank you to all involved in rescuing the furry soul with golden eyes. I pray the only part of Bear’s traumatic situation he will ever remember is the part where things got better, where love in the form of humans brought him warmth, security, and love.

  20. You my friend are truly an Angel from God. The world would be a better place with more people like you. Thank you for sharing your story. Just when I have given up on humanity, Special people like you guys show up and give me hope. Thank you for caring about the creatures of God.

  21. I have read this story several times as it is so heart warming. All of you are angels and heroes. Lucky dog to have you on the scene. Not many would do what you have done.

  22. You two are amazing….beyond words. I’m sitting her crying over what Bear must have went thru but more so because of what you guys did to save him. Thank you for being so compassionate and caring.

  23. This is the most heartwarming story I’ve read in awhile. I believe that you and little Bear are suppose to be together. Hear me out… You heard about this dog, you went to a mountainside road to try and rescue him. You endured cold, snowy weather and didn’t give up. You earned baby Bears trust! Trust… That’s a true bond you and baby Bear have! I could never give him up after all that you went through. You earned his total trust… To give him to someone other than his rightful owner would be wrong… Has anyone come forth that may know him? Please, if Baby Bear hasn’t been adopted out by anyone, I hope you will consider keeping him, seeing he trusts you to be there for him.

  24. You guys are amazing! It seems he already has picked his partner, it’s you. I really hope you can take care of him, I think he would be very upset to leave you. However, if you cannot care for him then I do wish he finds a happy forever home.

  25. Wow! This is the kind of stories I love to see and hear! Great job guys! I am an animal lover and do what I can to help all animals and I applaud selfless committed people like you that do also. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration to keep on doing whatever I can to help those without a voice in this world!!

  26. wonderful save. but did anyone search downslope off the road at that location to rule out an off-road vehicle accident potentially accounting for his persistent presence at that particular location? he’s a beauty and lucky to have had your dedication. BTL

    • BTL,
      You make a great point. Baby Bear could have been with his family and an accident occurred. Has anyone responded to your post?
      May 27,2015.
      I live in North Carolina.
      Alisa Gunter

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