The Rise and Impact of Game Skin Trading in Popular Games

In games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rust, skins have become a form of virtual currency. This has created a vibrant trading ecosystem where players can, for example, buy CS:GO skins and sell or trade skins. The emergence of game skin trading has added a new dimension to these games and created an economy that extends beyond the virtual world.

Best Story-Driven Games for Android

The advancement of technology in the field of mobile electronics has been so rapid that modern smartphones, especially tablet computers, have surpassed relatively recent desktops and laptops in terms of RAM, internal memory, and data processing speed. That is why today’s developers are actively adapting relatively heavy and resource-intensive video games with a gradually developing […]

Best Free PS4 Games

One of the reasons Sony’s classic game console has become so popular around the world is that it allows users to play a huge number of great games, including full-featured and multiplayer games, for free. Many people may wonder what the point of such developer charity is. They could make a lot of money from […]

Best Two-Player Games on PC

Playing video games alone is fun, but playing together with a real opponent is even more enjoyable. In the process, players can demonstrate their best qualities, including resilience, endurance, tactical thinking, logic, and everything else that a particular game requires. Two-player games are a good option when two people want to play, but there is […]

Saving the world with the memories: a review of Loop Hero

Pixel indie roguelike game from the studio Four Quarters has pleased fans of the genre because of the indirect control of the character and the unique gameplay, where the player is simultaneously a level-designer. World revival The main character wakes up in a void. Next to him, there is a fire. Not far away, there […]