Best Two-Player Games on PC

Playing video games alone is fun, but playing together with a real opponent is even more enjoyable. In the process, players can demonstrate their best qualities, including resilience, endurance, tactical thinking, logic, and everything else that a particular game requires. Two-player games are a good option when two people want to play, but there is […]

Saving the world with the memories: a review of Loop Hero

Pixel indie roguelike game from the studio Four Quarters has pleased fans of the genre because of the indirect control of the character and the unique gameplay, where the player is simultaneously a level-designer. World revival The main character wakes up in a void. Next to him, there is a fire. Not far away, there […]

CONAN Exiles: surviving in the Hyborian Age world

The action of the online survival simulator from the Norwegian studio Funcom takes place in the world of the Hyborian era, created by the author of the Conan saga, Robert Howard. It is a brutal land where slavery and human sacrifice are widespread. Storyline The main character has been convicted of numerous crimes. A cruel […]

Noita: physics serving the thirst for destruction

Noita is an action game with roguelike elements. It was released in 2020 and is characterized by a well-thought-out physical model. The author is Finnish indie studio Nolla Games. In Finnish, the word “no” means “witch.” Storyline The player controls a nameless witch who must get to the bottom of the deepest cave, teeming with […]