Playing video games alone is fun, but playing together with a real opponent is even more enjoyable. In the process, players can demonstrate their best qualities, including resilience, endurance, tactical thinking, logic, and everything else that a particular game requires.

Two-player games are a good option when two people want to play, but there is only one computer available. In this case, the best two-player games on PC serve not just as a way to have fun but also as a means of reconciliation, aiding in the resolution of the conflict and the establishment of good relations.

In fact, almost none of the best 2-player games to play on one computer are designed to be played remotely over the internet because the ability to see your opponent’s smallest emotional reactions and guess their intentions from their eyes is what makes the confrontation so exciting.

Portal 2

Best Two-Player Games to Play on One PC of All Time

People have long lost interest in old, primitive games, just as black-and-white silent films are now only interesting to a select few. On the contrary, any project with timeless value attracts a lot of attention from publishers (since they can continue to earn money on previous investments) and goes through endless upgrades and adaptations to modern computer and operating system hardware and software resources:

  1. Portal 2. This popular puzzle-platformer game features a cooperative mode for two players. Instead of the usual characters, the game introduces two robots; everything else remains unchanged or has been improved. Players will embark on an exciting adventure filled with quests and dark humor. The game includes an additional mode in which players can compete online from two different computers.
  2. Castle Crashers. This is an exciting game for two or even four players. It has a classic plot: a dark wizard kidnaps a beautiful princess. Then a group of good friends sets off on a magical and mysterious journey full of dangers and adventures to find the girl. The game is full of under-the-belt jokes and amusing cinematic clichés from science fiction and horror films. By the way, the plot’s denouement is also quite consistent with scary tales. As soon as the friends save the princess from the villain, they begin arguing. Indeed, it is better to divide the kingdom into two parts than into four or six small principalities.
  3. Overcooked. The name of the game seems to imply to players that it is best not to bring the relationship to a boiling point, or else they will be scalded. In that case, a deep crack can form in the best friend’s relationship, resulting in heavy objects such as pans and hot dishes flying all over the kitchen. Just hold on and make sure to dodge. The classic “duel with mincing machines,” where the loser becomes mincemeat.

It’s interesting to note that almost all two-player games contain some form of every day, purposefully tasteless humor. Perhaps the very process of the game motivates players to outperform one another not only in the game but also in their ability to laugh in difficult situations.

It Takes Two is a great game for this. It has a fantastic mix of genres. Its characters are constantly thrust into difficult, unpredictable situations, which are usually impossible to meet in the course of a single game’s plot.

Valheim. The game has a popular fantasy story set in the Scandinavian wilderness, among virgin forested mountains, fjords, and trout-filled mountain streams. The game, of course, includes Vikings with axes and horned helmets, as well as dwarfs, trolls, mages, and witches. The plot depicts a full-fledged struggle for survival in the midst of savagery during the Middle Ages. The game stands out for its extremely low resource consumption. This means that it can run on even the most basic and old computers.