Pixel indie roguelike game from the studio Four Quarters has pleased fans of the genre because of the indirect control of the character and the unique gameplay, where the player is simultaneously a level-designer.

World revival

The main character wakes up in a void. Next to him, there is a fire. Not far away, there is a road, closed in a ring, along which one can move endlessly. And beyond that, the world is hidden by a blackness in which there is nothing. Someone powerful erased space and time, leaving the hero on a tiny island of matter.

However, step by step, the character remembers the names of landscape elements, objects, and tools. As soon as he understands that a block of rock can be called a rock, it immediately appears in space and finds its place in the surrounding world.

The character remembers more and more things, and they immediately materialize before his eyes, emerging from nothingness. In order to reassemble the whole world from the pieces, the character must go on a journey and prevent the apocalypse. Of course, there will always be someone who wants to stop him.

Gameplay basics

Loop Hero is also called an auto battler because the player is essentially fighting himself. The hero travels alone, fights monsters, and recalls new elements of the world. The player, on the other hand, chooses a build for the character, dresses him in suitable equipment, and tries to create the most favorable conditions for him.

Various items can be placed on the map, which will determine the course of the game. They can both hinder the character and reinforce the monsters threatening him, and help restore health or get positive effects.

When creating an adventure for the character, it is very important for the player to keep a balance. If to place too few cards that create enemies on his path, the character will level slowly, will not receive bonuses and positive effects, and will be too weak to defeat the final boss.

And if the player overdoes it with monsters, the character will simply die. Also, do not forget that you can take a limited number of maps with objects to an expedition. Choose them carefully, according to the need and the selected build.

Loop Hero

Character class

Initially, the hero is a warrior, but over the course of the game, you can unlock two more classes – necromancer and trickster. Each of them has unique features:

  1. Warrior. Can perform powerful attacks and levels with a focus on increasing health.
  2. Trickster. Can additionally obtain items useful for survival.
  3. Necromancer. Summons skeleton helpers and has a protective energy shield.

The classes also differ in the available equipment the player can carry. The necromancer can use books, while the trickster likes paired daggers and fights with both hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of the project

Loop Hero’s advantages are:

  1. An original story with well-written dialogues between the characters.
  2. Excellent descriptions of items and objects.
  3. Unusual concept of the world.
  4. An addictive atmosphere.
  5. Nice visual pixel art and appropriate music.

The disadvantages of the project include too much time in obtaining useful items and different unbalanced classes. A short acquaintance with Loop Hero is enough to get involved in exciting adventures and completely forget about the real world. It would seem that the game is too simple, and there are no special visual effects, but you want to play it again and again.