The action of the online survival simulator from the Norwegian studio Funcom takes place in the world of the Hyborian era, created by the author of the Conan saga, Robert Howard. It is a brutal land where slavery and human sacrifice are widespread.


The main character has been convicted of numerous crimes. A cruel sentence has been passed: exile forever and crucifixion on a cross in the gods’ cursed desert. It would seem that doom is imminent.

There is not a living soul around for many kilometers, except for the vultures that are hungry for human flesh. But at the last moment, Conan himself saves the hero, frees him, and motivates him to survive to avenge his enemies.

But even Conan cannot fully free the prisoner. A bracelet created by the sorcerers of the cursed city is placed on the main character. It prevents him from getting far from the nearby ruins. Consequently, the hero will have to survive in harsh conditions, find food, defend himself, and look for a way to free himself from the bracelet.


The central goal of the project is to survive. First of all, it is worth finding a strong and impressive club. Otherwise, the monsters and wild tribes roaming around will certainly make the hero their dinner.

The character has indicators of hunger and thirst, and if you do not restore them for a long time, it is quite possible the hero will die. There are nuances here, too. The hero prefers cooked food to raw food.

Otherwise, there is a chance of getting poisoned and quickly losing health points instead of restoring them. However, at first, the character will have to eat everything that looks even slightly edible – caterpillars, bugs, and small animals.

CONAN Exiles

A long stay without clothes in the cold is also not desirable. The hero can freeze to death. It is not advisable to linger in the desert with its cold nights because there is a more comfortable valley nearby. The main character can make primitive tools and weapons from stones and trees growing in the valley.

However, the death of the character will not bring the player much trouble. If necessary, you can quickly resurrect and run to your own body to retrieve items.

However, you should hurry up – there are enough people in the world who want to steal someone else’s things. Within the cursed city, the hero can do research and find hidden notes and enchanted monuments that can communicate with him through ancient magic.


One way or another, survival means gathering resources and making vital items. In CONAN Exiles, it is possible to make your own tools, torches, arrows, and other objects. Stone and wood are not difficult to find, but for iron, you will have to go to the mountains.

Another important point of the game mechanics is the construction of a house where the hero can take shelter from the weather and dangers. Building materials vary in levels, strength, and ability to be used in a particular construction. More advanced weapons require careful preparation. To create an iron sword, the hero not only needs to master the technology but also to build a smelting furnace.

The game allows the player to pay attention not only to the strength and reliability of the shelter but also to its appearance. If the player wants, he can arrange a terrace for the main character to admire the sunset or decorate the floor with a stylish carpet. However, do not flaunt wealth, not being confident in your hero’s ability to protect it, as it can attract the attention of those who like to make a profit.

In general, the game is quite distinctive, with its own unique features in the form of a setting and a fascinating atmosphere. You can spend long hours building a shelter, mining resources, building tools, and weapons, hunting enemies, and playing the game.