One of the reasons Sony’s classic game console has become so popular around the world is that it allows users to play a huge number of great games, including full-featured and multiplayer games, for free.

Many people may wonder what the point of such developer charity is. They could make a lot of money from all that content and use it to create new products.

In reality, the fact that many of the best free PS4 games are free to play is a critical component of the “killer sales pitch.”

When new developers enter the market, they face significant challenges. By making games available to users for free, they can quickly capture the audience’s attention and make themselves known (the first stage of the sales funnel, the customer’s path to purchase). Over time, if people don’t lose interest in their game, they can try and offer them some content for a fee.

That is why all this is not charity at all but rather a popular and highly effective digital marketing strategy.

However, ordinary users don’t have much interest in such advertising tricks. They would rather know which titles are on the list of the best free PS4 games than waste time figuring it out on their own. Why do this if everything has already been tested, evaluated, compared, and conclusions drawn by someone else?


Best Free PS4 Games According to Users

User recognition is more valuable and useful for businesses than expert forecasts because it is the end result of multiple rounds of market research and costly alpha-beta tests. If users like the product, they will buy it.

Many gamers, in turn, follow a tried-and-true principle: a product cannot be bad if millions of people like it. That is why users carefully look through the lists of the best free PS4 games and choose options that have already been tested and proven by someone:

  1. CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE. This is one of the classic shooters and action games. The game’s dynamic plot revolves around a ruthless struggle for survival. The number of rivals is reduced, as are the available territory and weapons. To win, players must not only be more accurate than their opponents but also think faster and make unconventional decisions. The game quickly gained great popularity within its niche.
  2. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. This project is a royal shooter where the last survivor wins. The game has an online mode. It is worth noting that this is one of the projects that achieved widespread popularity through the free distribution strategy.
  3. WORLD OF TANKS. This is a hugely popular game that everyone knows about. It provides players with spectacular battles on computer prototypes of real combat vehicles. The gameplay was so well executed that it spontaneously formed a global fan community.
  4. WAR THUNDER. Another military-themed project that has no competitors of its kind. The game features a variety of combat situations, various troops, and military equipment, as well as scenes associated with specific locations and military conflicts. All of this contributed to the game’s enormous popularity among millions of gamers worldwide.

Another noteworthy project is WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS, which focuses on naval battles. The game offers dozens of warships, numerous combat stories, and a wide variety of war zone maps.

This brief review of free PlayStation games shows that just because a game is free does not mean it is bad or boring. Quite the opposite, the free distribution strategy has made the projects mentioned above incredibly popular.