The advancement of technology in the field of mobile electronics has been so rapid that modern smartphones, especially tablet computers, have surpassed relatively recent desktops and laptops in terms of RAM, internal memory, and data processing speed.

That is why today’s developers are actively adapting relatively heavy and resource-intensive video games with a gradually developing plot for the small touch screens of Android smartphones.

And since many people take their mobile devices everywhere they go, including remote places with no Internet connection, many of the best story-driven games for Android phones support offline mode. This means that users can develop their characters and face the game’s challenges whenever and wherever they want.

Users don’t even have to worry about being in a situation where they can’t charge their device because there are so many affordable external batteries available these days.

The format of story games described above is best suited for solo play. That is why the best story-driven games for Android are typically single-player.


Best Story-Driven Games for Android Based on User Ratings

High user ratings typically indicate all key quality factors: the popularity of a certain product and its high sales, high-quality graphics, and gameplay, as well as the absence of control problems. And that makes sense, given that today’s users are demanding and unlikely to play a bad game more than once:

  1. 80 Days. The name of the game immediately implies that it is based on the plot of Jules Verne’s famous adventure novel. The game fully complies with all the characteristics listed above: it is single-player and has an offline mode. However, it was originally intended for modern mobile devices, which is why it is very convenient to play on a smartphone.
  2. OUT THERE. This project uses the popular “accidental travel” trope. A man from Earth, by the will of fate, ends up on a distant, unknown planet. Now he needs to replenish fuel and resources, including provisions, in order to survive and return. To do this, he will have to explore unfamiliar territory and survive in unusual conditions. The game will help players test their flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations. It’s worth noting that the game was originally designed for smartphones, but gamers loved it so much that the developers adapted it for desktop computers. Surprisingly, for reasons that sociologists have yet to discover, the accidental travel genre has achieved unprecedented levels of popularity among readers and gamers.
  3. THE BANNER SAGA. This project exemplifies a truly high-quality game transfer from desktops to smartphones with no plot loss. This is a tactical dark fantasy RPG in which players must fight for survival in a world that is collapsing around them. The game features numerous detailed dialogues and realistically staged battles.

The Wolf Among Us is another story-driven game; it was inspired by the popular comic book series called Fables. This game also employs the accidental travel trope, but in reverse: instead of a person ending up in a strange world, a creature from another universe ends up in the human world.

The mysterious Wolf has to make an enormous effort to disguise himself as a regular person. The creature, on the other hand, explores our civilization and, after discovering many appealing moments in people’s lives, faces a difficult decision.