Pets are an important component of the life of anyone who loves animals. In the modern world, in human’s homes and flats, all kinds of animals live together, and we love and care for all of them. We always recall one quote, now, at the beginning of the article. It reads as follows: «You are responsible for what you have tamed».

List of ten pets that live near us


These animals were domesticated not many years ago. Anyone can tame a ferret. However, if you choose this particular pet, you should consider the fact that it is a predator who leads an active nightlife and rests during the day. Ferrets are friendly and intelligent animals that have the ability to learn new skills easily. A major disadvantage of a ferret is its specific smell. In normal conditions, the life span of a ferret is 7 to 10 years.


People call these pets the optimal choice as a pet, but you have to build a special cage for them to live in. They have much strength that distinguishes them from other animals, for example, they can be combined with any mode of human activity. Taking care of these pets is easy and interesting, and they don’t eat enough. We recommend you buy two rats at the same time. Their main weakness is that they live no more than three years.

Guinea pig

This animal is in the cage most of the day, but it has to go out for a couple of hours every day. If an animal lacks physical activity, it may suffer severe health problems. Their lifespan is between four and nine years. Taking care of these pets is cheap and interesting. All you have to do is buy an animal cage and special toys. In addition, you should cut the claws of your pet regularly and bathe it.


This type of pet is an exotic pet. We should note that these are not the most popular pets, but still, there are people who value them very much. The main strength of the turtles is that they do not have to be bathed, walked, played with, or damaged by their energetic games. Turtle activity is very interesting. You can hold them, but don’t forget that they don’t appreciate that kind of love. Turtles live from 20 to 50 years, but some of them can live up to 90 years.


These pets are capable of giving many positive emotions to their owners. You have to consider that a rabbit will not love your dogs or cats if you have them. On average, the life expectancy of a rabbit is about seven years, if you provide them with proper care.


This animal is resourceful, friendly, and agreeable and adapts to any mode without difficulty. A special strength of this animal is its low cost and eases of care. During the day, hamsters rest and enjoy the fun at night. These popular pets are quick to get used to the hands, but the important thing is that they are easy to train. The life expectancy of these pets is not more than three years.


No one gets bored in the same house with a parrot because they’re sociable and fun animals. They can bring a lot of joy to children. Most often, parents buy these birds for their children. However, you must not forget that parrots are not pure animals and they can damage your property. In addition, some people don’t like their singing, which often prevents them from resting.


The fishes probably won’t cheer you up, but they’re a great way to bite after a hard day. For example, psychologists recommend that people who have mental health problems should have them. In addition, an indoor aquarium is capable of providing a special microclimate. You will not have trouble caring for fish. All you have to do is freshen their water regularly and feed them special food.


In the modern world, we get dogs for a variety of reasons, including hunting, friendship or guarding. However, some dogs only serve a prestigious function. Anyway, the dog is the most loyal friend of man. This animal can give you many positive impressions. Their lifespan is not more than 15 years.


Today, it’s the most popular pet that will do you no good, but people love them for no reason. We all know that cats are free and independent, but they can be friendly too and even attached to their owners.