Parrots often fly out into the street and get lost. A small fast bird does not need much time for this, just opening the door for a moment or forgetting to close the window is enough.

How to Catch a Flying Parrot

If you saw which way the bird flew, follow it. Do not run after the parrot, scream or make loud noises, this may scare it and make it fly faster and higher. It is important to trace its flight path and see the place where the bird will land. The parrot will most likely try to hide in a tree.

  • If you have lost sight of a bird, do not panic and do not run in a random direction. There is a chance that the parrot will fly around and return in a few minutes, so it’s better to wait for it on the spot.

How to Find a Missing Bird

If your parrot has flown away in an unknown direction, start searching immediately. Domestic birds usually do not fly far away, instead choosing to find a secluded place and stay there.

  • When you go around the search area, take food and water with you. This will help you lure the bird if you find it.

Non-flying parrots often stay close to the house perching on nearby trees, wires, or antennas. Flying species can fly several kilometers in any direction. They are much harder to find.

If searching the area did not help, you can try to lure the parrot to your house using the following methods:

  • Put a feeder with its favorite treat and a drinking bowl near a window, an open balcony, or your house. If a hungry bird is nearby, it will fly to the smell.
  • Place a speaker on the windowsill and turn on the recording of chirping parrots of the same species as the lost one. You can download the audio from specialized websites on the Internet. But do not play the recording continuously, pause it from time to time.
  • If there are other birds in the house that the parrot is used to, you can take the cage with them outside.

When you are looking for a parrot, rely on your hearing. After you call the bird by the name it is used to, take a long pause and listen. The parrot can give out its location by answering the call.

If you didn’t manage to find the bird during the day, it is pointless to continue searching at night. Birds cannot see well in the dark, so the parrot won’t look for its house until dawn. In the evening, it is better to spend time preparing search ads.

  • It is better to continue the search by arriving at the place a few minutes before dawn. Don’t scream or call the bird, instead listen to the sounds. At this time, wild birds wake up, so the frightened parrot may try to call for help itself.

Social Media and Print Ads

The more people who know about the missing parrot, the higher the chance that someone has seen it on the street and can report it. It’s best to post search ads right away, even if you think the escapee is in the nearest tree.

Nowadays, all settlements and districts of cities have their pages on social media. Post your missing pet ad there first. You can also use bulletin boards, missing pet websites, or parrot forums.

The next step is to print flyers. It is important to place a clear color photograph of your pet on them. You can also specify a fixed amount of remuneration.

What to Do If a Parrot is Found High Above the Ground

Do not try to catch a frightened and already tired of adventure bird with your hands and do not try to climb a tree after it. Instead, lure it with the food and water you prepared in advance.

Thirst in birds comes before hunger, so water is often more effective than food. Call the parrot by its name while pouring water from one container to another. The escapee will fly to the sound.

Do not rush the parrot if it is being slow. Instead, be patient and wait until your pet is ready to approach you, talking to it in a calm voice.

When the runaway is at home, make sure that the trouble does not happen again. If the bird is outside the cage, do not leave the windows and doors open, also install fly screens and spend more time with your feathered pet.