All residents of urban flats are classified as pets. That’s why, in today’s world, people think of them not only as dogs and cats but also as other animals. Pets become not just family members, but real pets who receive love, care and affection from their masters.

Interesting facts

People have long observed pets and have noticed many unusual features.

  1. Many people know that the smell of dogs is very advanced. It turns out that cows have even higher levels of smell. They are able to detect various odours at distances of up to ten kilometres.

  2. The dog nose print deserves special attention. It is as unique as human fingerprints.

  3. Scientists have found that cat’s meow in the process of communicating with people. In communicating with each other, these animals make very different sounds.

  4. In European countries, the police can punish pet owners if they find that pet care is inadequate.

  5. Developed and social creatures are rats. If you keep one individual at home, it will suffer from anguish. Therefore, it would be better if you had a couple of rats.

  6. Amphibians should know that they shouldn’t bring Argentinean frogs into the apartment. You can’t play with these creatures because they’re very aggressive.

  7. Domestic ducks have an interesting feature. Only females can quack. Males cannot make such sounds.

  8. For rabbits, the unique structure of the eyes is characteristic. They are able to observe what is happening behind their backs, but without turning their heads.

  9. Many people buy guinea pigs as pets. These small animals are cute and fuzzy. Once upon a time, they came to us from South America. People there think of them as delicacies and consume them everywhere.

  10. The real longevity among animals are the turtles that people keep at home in the modern world. In captivity, they may exist for up to a hundred years or more, so many of them are able to outlive their masters.

  11. To find expensive truffles, people often use domestic pigs, as their sense of smell is as good as that of a dog.

  12. The wild wolf was the first pet. Once, the primitive people tamed this animal. It became the ancestor of many modern breeds of dogs.

  13. In the modern world, some countries have legislated against keeping pets that are dangerous not only to those around them but also to their masters.

  14. All favourite dogs are able to pretend to be sick to receive from the owners the missing attention. By the smell of sweat, they can accurately determine when the owner’s fear is heightened. Many dogs adapt to public transport and understand when and which stops to take. In addition, these animals have an excellent sense of timeline. Dogs get used to a certain routine and know exactly when to walk, sleep or eat.

  15. Cats deserve special attention. Many people admire their intelligence, intuition, and agility. Their brains are 90% similar to one. Cats may be jealous of their masters if they express sympathy with other creatures. These animals can turn their ears to 80 degrees without difficulty. In addition, they do many things with their right paw.

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